Glad we met

Posted: December 1, 2010 in Uncategorized
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Met this guy at a far-flung eco-lodge. Everyone was enthralled by an energetic dobberman puppy running about and this stray just looked on. There’s a little heart beating in that little chest. People forget.

It is said that through a cat’s eyes, all things belong to it…

Beach boy at Arugam Bay.

Kittens are angels with whiskers.

Eyes that speak volumes..

At the campus canteen

Trust is earned…


Animals are amazing creatures, each so different from the other. Meeting a new one is always a pleasure.

  1. Posky says:

    You said it. Hanging out with animals is one of the best things you can do. They love it, you love it, I love it.

  2. psychodoodle says:

    hey posky… yup they’re pretty awesome…. 🙂

    • Posky says:

      I’m not trying to brag or show you up but I just spent a few hours with two cats and two dogs.

      It was pretty great, even though one of the cats threw up.

      • psychodoodle says:

        😀 sounds interesting… one of my friends were taking a puppy home one day and i think the poor guy felt car-sick and it barfed its lunch on my lap. a whole big lump of warm rice… yes i was shocked-out but the poor fellow looked so sick and looked up at me with such mournful eyes.. i’m a sucker for the looks they give.. interesting experience anyway.. 🙂

  3. Awww, I hope the stray found a home! 😦

    • psychodoodle says:

      hey… well i dont know.. 😐 hope someone fell for the face and took it home.. i couldn’t coz i have a spoiled one at home who wont allow us to have any other animal in the house. the people at the eco-lodge were feeding the stray.. hope it found someone to love… 😦

  4. That first dog really has quite an expressive face! You could put some pretty cute captions on the picture. Very cute…all of them…hope they found homes!

  5. Sy says:

    I love the way you connect with life through your writing, and I’m happy that I came across your blog. Even the brief comments you put under these photos elicit pages of emotion.
    You know what, I shouldn’t say “the way you connect with life”, I should say “the way you connect the reader with life.” you’re pretty cool.

  6. It's only P! says:

    Really nice pics, thanks. My pets and I exchange so much love. Each day my dog and I take a long walk and she makes me see beautiful things, always. I am so grateful to be an animal lover.

    • psychodoodle says:

      I stalked you very briefly a few days back I think; the black doggy yes? Looks an explorer 🙂 Shall do a proper stalk now if my PC does not continue to have blackouts like it’s been insisting on doing for the past half hour now 😐

  7. […] imperfection if you care to notice. Determined they both stand. The pic can be found on my blog: I am also a part of a stray dog rehoming project in Sri Lanka (just […]

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