I am grateful!

Posted: February 22, 2011 in Uncategorized
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I had to go meet an official at the university today to get a spare lecture hall for an upcoming forum. To my increasing amusement and discomfort I had to listen to him explain to my boobs and neckline how inconvenient it was for them to sort out last minute requests for spare classrooms. Lucky for me I was wearing a top with a nice neckline. He was distracted enough not to be annoyed.

I am pretty tired after a long day at campus, the heat can best be described as blistering, my facial expression right now can be likened to that of a camel and I feel strangely philosophic. No make that grateful for what I have. I am therefore going to make a short but meaningful list of all the things I’m grateful for, at least those that come to mind right now in the mood I’m in.

I am grateful for:

  1. My boobs: I understand that I have been very ungrateful in the past and have often wished they were smaller, but I’ve wisened up. I need to learn how to use them better, to my own advantage, yes yes without dressing like a desperate whore. Not a problem.
  2. Dog-a-doodle: We all need entertainment in our lives, more than we know. Dog-a-doodle is an unlimited source of amusement.
  3. Friends and family: An ‘I am grateful for:’ list would be incomplete without them.
  4. Google: It has the answers to almost all of life’s problems.
  5. Men being perverts: It means that if you have great boobs (and I do) or even a hint of boobs for that matter (and women generally do) you can often get away with almost anything. Watch out perverts, your little weakness will have you wrapped around our little fingers.
  6. Having the power to let a man’s mind wander: often they’re too little to be let out alone, and thus easily get lost, making them vulnerable to easy manipulation.
  7. Being a woman. Need I explain?

*About the picture: a closer look will tell you that that is actually a cleverly folded paper against a black setting.

  1. #01 – :p :p :p

    And jeeze! I’m not a fan of perverts! They make me feel sick! Sin I don’t feel the way you do! :p 😀

    • psychodoodle says:

      oh no, I do realize it sounds misleading, but I was merely pointing out the good side of the existence of perverts (as I see it in this strangely tired camel-faced state). Obviously I detest them and wish them dead 🙂

      • Quidmont says:

        I think you’ve made a great point Doodle. Have you ever seen the movie Erin Brockovich? I think that used your point wonderfully. And being a true story it showed how the real boobs of the world, (read that as us men with wandering minds), can be taken in by a little cleavage to the betterment of many. 🙂

        Nice post. Thanks!

        – Bob

      • psychodoodle says:

        😛 tks. nope haven’t seen it. Shall find it.

  2. Jay JAY says:

    Give me the green light and ill blind him… but tisk tisk…. on you nanamo…

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