Burn (if not content with heaven) in hell.

Posted: February 26, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Close your eyes,

Give me your hand, darling,

Do you hear my heart beating,

Do you understand,

Do you feel the same..

Or am I only dreaming,

Or is this burning, an internal flame?

I believe, it’s meant to be,

Darling, I watch you when you are sleeping,

You belong with me…

Here’s to the moments *lifting glass of juice in a toast* where you look into another human beings eyes and think that This, indeed is love; This, is what poets for time immemorial have been going on about; This, is home; This is it, the real thing, the calm after a storm, that far-off impeccable line in the horizon, a state of nirvana. The moments in time when for once, you know. You know what you want, and what you want is This, and you know that This is everything, and you know you have everything, and everything is This. When you feel the doors in the region of your chest where your mind tells you your heart is, open, open and evaporate. And all you feel, is This. The moments in time when you’re engulfed in love that it doesn’t even occur to you to disbelieve. When you give someone your trust. Unconditionally. That, I think, is what makes those moments what they are. The fact that you give someone your complete trust, the experience so powerful that it overwhelms you.

*Blinks* And… we all know what happens when one is stupid enough to give someone one’s unconditional trust.

  1. sy says:

    …no one part of me longed for what i had left behind, nor feared where i had come to be…, it would be nice to be in that place, but we should always have a healthy amount of fear and cynicism.
    still i’d like to take this karmic opportunity to say one thing.
    if you believe that you would never betray someone else’s unconditional trust, then you have to believe that there are other people like you also, and I’m not going to get all corny and say I hope you find that person, but I was going to say smptin, just dont rmmbrr what…sorry got disctracted again

  2. sy says:

    what’s wrong? hope it doesn’t last too long.l

  3. sy says:

    too funny. the first dog’s foot actually looks like it does have a mind of it’s own and I love the dazed look on second dog’s face.

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