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Posted: March 3, 2011 in Uncategorized
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This picture (posted on facebook by a friend) is I think a masterpiece. And I know just the line to go with it.









My mind knows what’s right but my heart is being retarded and still cares.


  1. Nirmala says:

    Totally agree! Its always like that. Heart is SILLY! Screw the heart! 😉 😀

  2. sy says:

    if I had any sense, I’d just let you guys bond and not try to be funny by bringing up the guy screwing the cow heart on youtube, so I’m not going to mention it.

  3. sy says:

    ok i’ll mention it. talk about screwing the heart, did you ever hear about the guy who killed himself trying to screw a cow’s heart?
    he followed the instructions out of a magazine on how to hook the heart up to a battery to get it to beat, but he didn’t have a battery so he plugged into a wall socket instead, electrocuting himself.
    now this is supposed to be an urban legend, but it sounds pretty believeable to me.

  4. sy says:

    uuuumm, maybe

  5. sy says:

    just thought I’d stop by and say that I hope your heart and your mind are both well

  6. Sy says:

    ur comment hasn’t shown up here yet so i’ll reply to myself. yeah, i know you’re busy and probably didn’t have time for this silliness. it’s good to be busy
    thanks for asking about me. i have no complaints, blogwise i’m still upsetting some other people. they just don’t understand me, “sniff, sniff.” one person even commented on another site that they read my blog and then followed the statement up an “ugh” or something. so cool, i love people.
    but, i still don’t like it when u sound depressed. none of my business, I know, but i thought i’d say it anyway

    • psychodoodle says:

      🙂 glad ur all good and upsetting people as usual… i’m oki… shall be ok… 😐 why are u nice to me by the way and mean to all those unsuspecting innocent people? and why don’t they just block you when you’re being mean? 😛

      • Sy says:

        i like the way you talk to me, especially when you put me in my place, noone knows how to do that with me. instead they just seem to get upset without any constructive feedback, and i’m talking about in my personal life. on the blogs I’m not trying to be mean. I’m trying to elicit views.
        on one of your earlier posts I said I didn’t want to get in the way of your thinking, that wasn’t bs. I think your observations are profound and I enjoy reading them, so I guess you could just say that I’m being selfish.
        incidentally, i hope you don’t mind. I mentioned you on onechallengeaday for her international women’s day blog. I decided to give props to women bloggers I’d read. I think I mentioned four, you were first as the voice of reason and refreshingly brutal honesty (now I’m thinking I could have phrased that better, the “brutal” seems to kind of throw off the flow)

      • psychodoodle says:

        aaaaw… thank u… 🙂 *blush* shall check it out…. strange how blogging buddies oceans apart can connect hmm? :-”
        Wanted to tell you.. just a random thing that has nothing to do with you, but.. we have lots of stray dogs at campus and we are well-acquainted with some of them… most of them got the mange recently, pretty bad, some of them looked like they were rotting. We have a department store in sri lanka called odel and as a CSR initiative the owner has a project called embark ( . Asked them if they could help and they came over and treated the doggies for mange, and sterilized them as well.. 22 dogs.. they were really good at handling the dogs and i was really impressed.. and it was fun to coax the dogs and catch them… just wanted to tell you coz it’s something i did recently and that i’m happy about.. if they upload pics on their site shall send u a link… 🙂

  7. sy says:

    This cyberworld does get kind of strange if you spend too much time in it, and yes if they upload the pics, I would love to see them, and what a difference caring people can make.
    i’m glad also that you didn’t mind me mentioning you and didn’t think i was over doing it or something, and as far as people blocking me out, (from your previous reply), I first saw your stiletto on that guys blog who wrote the love poems to his new wife. I left him a comment that I thought was complimentary. I went back the next day and he’d privatized the site. I’m sure it was just a coincidence.

  8. sy says:

    1st of all, i went to embark and tried to purchase some items from odel, because I like the cause but kept getting kicked back to the home page. It was late. I’ll try again.
    no tsunami here, i’m in the central us but we do have tornados and severe storms and since I work for the electric co. if people lose power we’re out working 16hr shifts til it’s over. I don’t go up on the poles, i go out look at damage and call it in, try to keep people away from downed lines, etc.
    last june we had a storm that kept us working for 9 days to restore everyone (that’s a long time). 1st day people are just glad they made it through and they’re happy to see u out there, but if by the 3rd or 4th day they still don’t have power….things start getting a little testy.

  9. sy says:

    i just started reading the tsunami news yesterday and I feel pretty stupid talking about our nine day storm. I just pray that reactor does not melt down and make things even worse.
    and yes it is strange and wonderful how the internet connects people, like the father in Egypt naming his daughter Facebook.
    also i was successful with odel. i switched to chrome and it went through.

  10. btlau says:

    logical mind vs illogical heart, lol

  11. Sy says:

    wanted to let u know that I based a character in my next story on u. Her name is Passion, but her nickname is P and she has powers derived from her dog, popsicle princess and her cat pussypop. and I also have her sayin yup a few times, bcause that word plays a key role in the final scene,.
    a lot of the plot (a lot) still has to be worked out so this will not be anytime soon and that’s why i’m telling u now, in case u move on b4 it’s finished.
    well that, and that i’m so impressed with what i’ve already written, but right now my mind’s starting to bog down a little.
    so thnks again for more inspiration and don’t ask me why. with this stuff, i just go where it takes me.

    • psychodoodle says:

      :O oh wow…. 😀 she better not be some freaky cross-eyed character ok!! yup yup. in case i move on? what’s that supposed to mean? 😛 sounds like a premature death or something.. pussypop?? *ahem* and so impressed with what you’ve already written huh? modesty is obviously not one of your virtues…. 😛 anyways, I’m honoured, especially to in some form live out my fantasies of having phenomenal cosmic powers 😛

  12. sy says:

    not phenonmenal powers, but certainly in context with the story and essential to the plot. Pussypop, again, in context and a cool name.
    Impressed with what I’ve already written because I always feel that I’m out of ideas, then one like this comes along and I wish I could tell you more, but right now I’m still grappling with the details
    just to have a new idea, to me is a treasure, but to have an incomplete one like this, is somewhat frustrating.
    you have provided me with a very usable female character, and no, she is not freaky or cross-eyed. she is very hot.
    and all I meant by you moving on is that life is all about moving on. I have no idea what will happen tommorrow and I have no idea how long this project will take me, so just in case, I’m letting you know now

  13. sy says:

    did I overdo that a little? hey know what? what power would you like to have? think about it. maybe we can even take revenge on someone for u in the story.
    i read once about how the ancient Moari (i think) used to cannibalize their captives by amputating parts of their bodies, but kept them alive throughout the days long process. I can do this in a cool way in the story…
    but, if you want to get your own revenge on someone, take your time, think about and let me know and we’ll have some fun with it

    • psychodoodle says:

      😀 mmm.. thank you for offering to have them virtually painfully killed for me.. but na, people usually pay for mistakes on their own and I generally practice peace so… Powers I’d like to have? B) mm.. well.. i’d actually like to have the power to heal, and the power to manipulate minds.. 🙂 but it’s up to you, it’s your story, do your thing… 🙂 and hopefully my drawing power from the dog won’t have any bad side effects on her… 😛

      • Sy says:

        dog’s fine, and it’s not the whole dog just a disconnected part and you’re not even all there when it happens. power to heal, very unexpected. you’ve already impressed 2 other people that I’ve told about that response, manipulate minds has always been my desired power, i have a whole scenario for doing it.

      • psychodoodle says:

        😛 thing is, during that time in your childhood where you want to be superman or Ben 10 or some sorta super hero, i always wanted to be a witch.. A good witch.. (not wicked and from the west). And witches have healing powers… So that’s where it’s coming from…

  14. Kim says:

    Cannot believe that my heart’s so silly too 😦

    • psychodoodle says:

      yup unfortunately…. 😐 was just going through your blog… not all, it’s pretty huge… shall check properly… just wanted to say that i love the ‘All you need is love’ category…. awesome collection… 🙂 shared it with a friend as well…

      • Kim says:

        That’s lovely. Also thanks for sharing 🙂
        I really love to share all the good things that I find.
        Hope you had a lovely day!

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