Looking down at the sky

Posted: February 23, 2013 in Uncategorized
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I remember noticing, back when I was about seven years old, the evening sky. Beautiful. Unbelievable shades of blue and orange. Perhaps it still is. But I’ve stopped noticing. I’ve stopped having the time to go out into the garden, walk up to the gate and look up at the heavens.

My house is by the main road of a dusty and busy town. If I walk out of my house into the garden and look up, I’d only see a square of sky. I had to go near the gate to see a wider stretch of  it. Only a little taller than a couple of feet then, I remember standing there by the gate, looking above the road, past the buildings and dust, over the roofs and antennas in the distance. At the kingdom of clouds that reigned up high in all its majesty, untouched by the noise and dust below.

I remember gazing at the well-fed fluffy clouds and wishing I could be amongst them. I remember picking out in my head exactly which cloud I’d want to be on. Surrounded by ethereal orange and blue.

And while on a flight for a conference recently, peeking out of my window seat and looking out at the skies, I suddenly remembered. Like in a movie, swatches of memory flashed before my eyes. And I saw myself, at the gate, in the garden of our house, looking up at me, up hear amongst the clouds.

Never did I think while looking up those many years ago that my innocent wish would many years later become a reality. Now I realize that it didn’t even take many years. I think it was possibly the very next year that I had my first flight to India with my parents. But I didn’t realize at that time that I’d gotten my wish, just like that.

It took a long time for me to notice and remember, but finally I did. Never did I think for once that I’d one day be able to be amongst the clouds. The thought of getting there by way of an aero plane didn’t even cross my mind. Sometimes you get what you want and you’re too busy to even realize and appreciate life granting your wishes.

 Now, looking down at the world below from up here in the clouds, I’m humbled and awed by the fact that there really is no limit to possibilities. 


Whether you look up at it or look down at it, the sky is blue.

  1. Cody McCullough says:

    Great piece. There is nothing more fascinating than looking down at the world below.

  2. I love this post…..we are never too old to benefit from cloud watching and making the time to pause and look at the world. Especially when our lives are busy and full. Dreams do come true 🙂

  3. Rohan 7 Things says:

    What a lovely and inspiring post 🙂 I remember being young, enjoying those beautiful evening skies. I used to love the big tropical storms we got in Australia when I lived there, so exciting 🙂

    It’s important to take a moment and get back into that child space, and enjoy the wonder of the “ordinary” 🙂

    Thanks for sharing!


    • psychodoodle says:

      Ashes to ashes, dust to dust. I guess after awhile we go back to noticing the miracles and magic that used to hold us in awe when we were younger. I wonder if it’s all that education that took it away at some point. Tearing the beauty of a leaf apart for example by being told exactly what it was made of, what it could do etc etc. We take so much awesomeness for granted sometimes… Textures, the material of your shirt, the glass on your screen, your skin.. Aaand I forgot what I was going to say.. Yup it’s an experience.. 🙂

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