What do women really want?

Posted: May 9, 2015 in Love, Relationsips
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I’ve taken it upon myself to answer this age-old question that men have for time-immemorial been pretending not to know the answer to. I mean seriously, it’s not that complicated, and man’s determination to hold on to the myth that they just don’t know is really starting to cease to be amusing.  wat_woman_want

Also, I’m not the first to be taking the trouble to put it down in writing for you men. If it was really that beyond you, all it takes is a simple Google search to learn a thing or two. But no. Why do that when you can seem so much cooler to remain the helplessly oblivious victim.

We want you to be honest: And don’t give me that crap about whether you should be honest when we ask you if we look fat in a dress. In such cases we want you to be kind. Is it too much to expect to hear good things from the person you love and is it really that hard to be nice? Really? And are you really that stupid to not know the difference between being hurtful and being kind?

Back to honesty; we need you to be honest about who you are and what you do. Because the moment you lie to us; for whatever reason; be it to hide a wrong or to avoid a fight; you make us distrust our own feelings for you. It makes us question our own judgment and makes us wonder whether we fell in love with something about you that you’re not. That’s where all the tears and tantrums come from. Be who you are. You lie because you’re afraid we’d leave, and that’s true. If we don’t like you the way you are or the things you do, we wouldn’t want to be with you. At least any sane person wouldn’t. And you should love yourself more than to expect someone to stay with you for something that you’re not.

You like fooling around with many women, flirting with options, being a chick-magnet, being impulsive and living for the day? By all means go ahead. But if you’re seeing some, respect that person enough to let them know so, so that they can make an informed decision whether to love you for what you are or leave you to enjoy your life the way you want to. You can’t have it all.

We want you to be the kind of boyfriend or husband who would love us for everything that we are, appreciate everything that we do, be proud to hold our hands and hug us in public, and make us feel like you’ve found the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. If your girlfriend or wife is not that, and you don’t want to be seen with her in public or have one good thing to love about her, then do everyone in the relationship a favour and walk away and look for the person who would actually make you feel that way. And women: you’ve only yourself to blame for being in a relationship where you’re not treated right.

It’s not that easy? You’ve been in it too long, you’re about to get married, you have children? Look, you always have a choice. Everything you have and are now is due to the choices that you’ve made. You can choose to live in misery or choose to opt out, you can choose to be faithful or you can choose to hurt your soul mate by flirting with an insignificant other, you can choose to stay or go. At the end of the day, you live with the choices that you make. You’re responsible for your choices. You’ve only yourself to thank or blame.

Back to what women want. Do we want you to be rich? Yes that would be a definite plus. Unless your money has been handed down to you by your parents or you’re a crook, being successful means that you’ve worked hard enough to earn something for yourself. It means that you’re not someone who sits around hoping to magically become rich or whine about what you don’t have or live off of your woman. It means that you respect yourself enough. Think all women are gold-diggers? There are as many gold-digger men who stay in relationships for the comforts, so enough with labeling women don’t you think?

Do we want you to have a pretty face? I know some women who like fat people, some who like the pretty One Direction types, some who like skinny white boys and some who like the tall dark types. We may be attracted to your messy hair, funny tooth or yummy chest. It really just depends on the woman. But if you’re a fat person who’s eternally blaming women for not being attracted to you, then you’ve only yourself to blame. Surely no one’s stopping you from putting everything you’ve got into losing weight? If you want to bad enough, anyone can lose weight. Quit making us seem like the bitches for not seeing what a great guy you are behind all that fat and lose it.

We want you to be intelligent. You don’t need to hold a PhD to have brains, be witty, or to be able to impress a woman with your smart mouth. If only you knew the things you’re capable of doing with your mouth. It’s really a shame that your brain can’t think beyond blowjobs. Ever heard of Voltaire having said “Give me ten minutes to talk away my ugly face and I will bed the Queen of France!”? He probably did.

We want you to stop putting us down. Just because you have not been taught better, it does not mean that it’s okay to put your wife/girlfriend down in public or otherwise about how she can’t drive or she can’t cook or she can’t do something when you expect her to drive or cook or do something when no one is around. Doing that only makes people feel sorry for the woman for having to be with a jerk who is the first one to say bad things about her, let alone defend her. You embarrass us, and not in the way you intended to either.

We want you to be able to take care of us, stand up for us, respect us, respect our opinions, and appreciate the fact that if a woman let’s you call her yours, she chooses to be with you, and that she can very well choose not to.

So what do women want? We want you to grow up and stop assuming we don’t know you know.

  1. hello!!
    in the last 2 days.. i ve read a variety of what women/girls want on wordpress itself ..
    and I’d say we want what every human wants boy or girl:
    honesty in our relationships, to be seen as an individual, ppl accepting our emotions-independence etc…
    Its what guys want too.. Just a thought

    • psychodoodle says:

      Hey.. Yup.. But for what it’s worth, this rant was for the not so nice ones. Just stalked you a bit.. Colour conference: lucky you! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by..!

  2. Sy says:

    You know I like you (or at least you should by now) so don’t take this wrong, but when you say something isn’t complicated and then go on and on about it for the next three hours, it begins to sound…hmm..what’s the word I’m looking for …, oh yeah, “complicated”, but, of course it does go both ways. There are a lot of women, also, who feel it necessary to bring up their man’s shortcomings in front of other people, for whatever reason, and that always irks me.
    Not everyone finds that perfect person.
    In some relationships the man wears the pants, in other relationships the woman wears the pants, but the relationships that work the best are the ones where nobody’s wearing pants.

    • psychodoodle says:

      😀 ha ha.. And how has that worked for you? 😉 Just whining Sy.. Just whining.. How have you been..

      • Sy says:

        How has it worked for me? It has it’s ups and downs. I’m good, and I see that you are as insightful as ever and I get the whining part.
        As much as it’s not complicated, it is complicated. It’s like you once, profoundly, said, sometimes you have to get to know someone really well before you realize that you don’t want to know them all, or something to that effect.
        People can be so different. I once asked a girl out and when I asked her what she wanted to do, she said “you’re the man so whatever you want to do” and I thought, what kind of a fucked up answer is that? I wanted to shake her and say “Tell me something that you like”. I really was not expecting that and I still think it was a weird answer.
        So…what makes sense to us doesn’t necessarily make sense to others. For instance I thought your salesmen guy sounded nice, respectful and all, seemed to fit your guydelines (intentional misspelling). I’m not prying I just thought you’d like “guydelines”.

      • psychodoodle says:

        I doo like guydelines! I love guydelines! You should do something with it. Sure it will come useful in my usual rants as well. And what salesman? Is that a trick question? I feel it is and should probably not be asking…

  3. Sy says:

    It wasn’t a trick question. You had a couple of guys flirting with you on your blog a while ago. I thought one of them said he was a salesman from India and it sounded as if you’d already met personally, so that’s what I was referring to.
    He sounded so nice and you don’t even remember him. I think that deserves a tsk, tsk!!!

  4. Sy says:

    and probably even a third “tsk”

    • psychodoodle says:

      Whaa.. No I don’t remember.. Bit strange that you do.. Anyways.. How’s work? Anything interesting happen?

      • Sy says:

        I think it’s a bit strange that you don’t remember, ’cause I was being notified of your comments and you were talking to these guys and well, I guess they didn’t make an impression.
        Work is cool, it’s almost always chaotic, priorities change from minute to minute sometimes. It’s like “do this” then a couple of minutes later it’s “forget that, we need you to do this instead”. I love it.
        Interesting things? Well my dog and cat got into a fight and the dog broke the cat’s leg. The cat hid out for a couple of days in the basement, then my wife saw her and said she was limping, so I went down to see her and she wasn’t limping, she was standing on three legs and the fourth one was just dangling. Took her to the vet, she’s in a cast, she’ll be ok.
        So tell me what’s going on with you? What did you have for breakfast?

      • psychodoodle says:

        I looked for these and can’t find them? Wonder if I deleted them but it would have shown as deleted.. Yep probably didn’t make an impression on anyone but you I guess..
        Poor cat. Wonder what brought on the fight?
        I’m good. Excited about a work trip to London which would mean I finally get to visit Scotland. Had a pack of instant noodle for breakfast. What’s cooking over there?

  5. Sy says:

    London sounds great, so does Scotland. You know you’re going to have to post at least one thing about your trip and break your current cycle of one post a year lol, but I am glad to hear you’re doing well and I, too, am excited for your trip ( at the risk of sounding…whatever)
    Noodles are excellent brain food. That’s where the term “using your noodle” comes from.
    I looked for those comments also and they’re not there. This is strange, even for me, but I’m still not questioning my sanity because it probably wouldn’t give me a straight answer anyway.
    Oh, and I made up the “noodle” thing.

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