PsycheJust another girl.

I like animals.

I like honesty.

I like beautiful people (and not in a literal way).

I write mostly when I’m upset.

Other times, inspired.

  1. Hell, yeah! Your stuff are interesting! But this doesn’t say from where you are! :p And yes, I’m stalking you! 😀 😉 (Don’t worry! I’m also straight!)

  2. Okay! It’s either you’ve been to SL or you are a Sri Lankan! Enlighten me!

  3. hermesthoth says:

    hi, i write this comment because I was intrigued by the name of your blog, I actually doodle, with pen and paper mostly, and it looks psycho hence…

    have a look at if you would like to. you’ll find the doodles in the older submissions.

    i did quickly read a couple of your posts lol

    • psychodoodle says:

      hey… thank u for stopping by… 🙂 i did check it out…. i liked the dried rose best 🙂 and the ink doodles. ‘Looking in on you’ was more than a little disturbing 😐 and the nature photography was beautiful….
      Gods of writing and magic… Nice name… I myself have a fascination for the story of Psyche.. 🙂

  4. Sy says:

    I am so taken with the way you express yourself, I would be honored if you would comment on one of my postings. Seriously. this is not a come-on. You don’t even have to be nice. Please consider it. My posts are just a single panel cartoon, short and sweet and I would love to hear your opinion.

  5. Sy says:

    • psychodoodle says:

      Sy, mind if I ask what you do for a living? 🙂 just curious. love your crooked sense of humour, and if I ‘liked’ anymore of your posts I’d look like a creepy stalker (yes I do realize it might be a lil too late for that).

  6. Sy says:

    I said that because I’m always trying to do schtick. Sometimes I fail.

  7. It’s new year! Why are you being lazy without posting? 😛

  8. Sy says: Hi “P”, if you get time could you click this link and tell me what I’m doing wrong. I’m about the only one who even responds to this girl’s challenges and she can’t even give me the courtesy of a reply.
    If I’m starting to annoy you, let me know. but if I’m not, read this girls entire monologue (not too long), challenge and mission statement. then read my reply.
    Oh, and the only reason I brought up her mother was because she threw her on the table on an earlier challenge. but I was being serious.
    so, if possible.

    • psychodoodle says:

      Hey.. I think you’re being horribly rude.. 😛 what’s wrong with you! (this is me scolding you) i was yawning when i read the post but the last para in bold was decent. about her not having the courtesy to reply, erm… with you being horrible like that i am not surprised that she hasn’t… What I do when I’m not impressed with a post is I just don’t comment (listen and learn! :P) Leave the poor girl alone I don’t think she’s up for your nastiness… 🙂

      About the black lab: I feel your pain.. I still haven’t gotten over my first dog dying.. she got run over by a bus and was just 8yrs old.. I used to cry all over the place… About you mistaking the babysitter for your wife – that better be you trying to be funny… 😛

      • sy says:

        If you think I was being nasty, i’ll calm it down, because I really do respect your opinion. I thought I was just giving her a reality check. To me, her profound thinking just amounted to a shallow school girl crush on life and I was teasing her about it, but I thought in an instructive way.
        You’re not the first person to tell me I come off as being mean sometimes, but honestly, if you one-up me and throw it right back in my face, I love it.

        I’m sorry, also, to hear about your dog. The only time words fail me is when it comes to expressing real, human emotion, but it’s there and I do feel for your loss.

        The babysitter thing, I’ve even got my therapist convinced, no just kidding, it was a joke.

  9. Funny stuff. My dog rules the house. He saw a mouse earlier and ran to cower in his bed!
    I did my degree in Psychology – uber interesting.
    I like the honesty in your writing – shall keep up to date

  10. Lone Diamond says:

    Entertaining site, for i too am the opinionated one, you made a new reader. Plus i pinched the license thingy idea – and on that note yes i will say i get the idea from you 😀

  11. Sy says:

    good/how about you? if you’ve read me lately, i mentioned a short story coming up and I am kind of excited about getting it out, but you never know about these things until they actually see the light of day. the hold up is that I didn’t like any of the new heads i was shown and also i forgot that i still need a good name for the siamese twins
    glad you posted. i’m not going to read it right now. i’ll be back

  12. Sy says:

    I won’t. i don’t think I like it either. It just seemed funny at the time and leaked out.

    • Sy says:

      opening night jitters, I’m going for it in about 15 mins. think this story has the potenential to make or break my site. you never know how people will take things. doesn’t matter. i’m probably just over reacting. just wanted to stop by here and say “hi” 1st.

  13. Sy says:

    i am, and hey, thanks for making fun of my story, LOL, cause I wasn’t sure how it sounded & i’ve got 7 or 8 more chptrs-and, why do it? ’cause for some reason it was put in my head & it keeps bothering me so i’m trying to get rid of it and since it pretty much just wrote itself it scares me.
    i’m going to go reply to your story comment now. Who knows you may have made a prophetic comparison (eerie music plays)

  14. sy says:

    hi “P” i just noticed that if you (not you, anybody) go to that the current cartoon does not come up. so if you get a notice and do go look, just click on the “head” tab and the current one will come up. I’m just going around letting people know. (I know, it’s always about me)

  15. sy says:

    also, you don’t have to approve that last note, i’m not trying to advertise on your page, i just wanted to let you know

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