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So I’m grinning for no particular reason, am high on a warm fuzzy optimistic feeling, and the sparkles in my eyes are reflections of Christmas lights. The tree is up, I’ve got Christmas crooners on my music player and the December cold has got my nose looking like Rudolph’s. And I just realized, all this is like slow and magical foreplay to Christmas  🙂

Think about it… There are the Christmas carols and music to create that particular ambiance and get you in the mood. The words and chords strike and stimulate those Christougenous zones and you’re body and soul is on tenterhooks with anticipation.

Then there’s all that is glittery and bright, from the tinsel to the baubles to all those decorations everywhere. There are the Santas at the shopping malls, the sounds of jingling bells, people’s phones emitting Christmas ringtones, a magnitude of presents being made ready for loved ones, the list goes on. Everything looks bright and beautiful and there are sighs of pleasure, an incessant hum of Oh!s and Ah!s at every turn.

And people… Everyone’s gotten into that official busy Christmas shopper tread, everyone’s out there at the shops, and there seems to be an abundance of children all of a sudden as well. There’s jostling and pushing, grunts of irritation, Argh!s and Omph!s. A general good ol’ annual bout of Christmas rush  🙂

And it keeps building and building, the music serenading, the excitement heightening, the joyous shouts getting ecstatic, Oh! Ah!!  Argh!?! Omph! Everything in frenzy, going faster and faster… Aaah!!  Oh!! and..

After weeks of that kind of anticipation and foreplay, Christmas is bound to be blissful  🙂


Escalating screams in the background followed by an OOH MY GOOOOOOOOOOOSH…. It’s Christmas!!!*!!*