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The ugly truth

Posted: January 15, 2011 in Uncategorized
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So I’ve been feeling guilty about not having blogged for awhile. To make myself feel better I thought I’d share something that my sister said to me while cruising the isles of the supermarket a while back. It’s about Love. And this is what she said.

That Love is just a state of mind.

Now that may not impress you much but I felt a little disturbed about it. It just sounded so temporary. If love is just a ‘state of mind’ how does one know if one is actually in love or whether one just thinks that he/she is in love? Which boils down again to the question: What is love? At which point my sister’s definition of it – Love is just a state of mind – flashes across my mind. But what is a ‘state of mind’? Isn’t it like a feeling? Like anger or panic or happiness?

Yes yes, so whatever the hell it is, as long as you are in that ‘state of mind’ or feel it, it’s all good. But what disturbs me I guess is that it seems so temporary. Is it? 😐 Or is it that the concept of ‘being in love’ is temporary and that ‘love’ is permanent? Does it matter?? *ponders* Yes it does!! I want to know!! I want to know what I’m getting into!!

But for centuries people have lived and died trying to find the answer and not succeeded. What makes me think that I’ll figure it out?? *experiences nagging feeling that I’ve blogged about something completely meaningless and wasted the time of whoever is reading this*  Erm…  *coughs uncomfortably*  Look!! A tree!!! *points to the left. and runs to the right*