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You know how when you’re small you have certain things in mind for yourself and how when you grow up things don’t happen the way you imagined they would? I can’t remember most of what I wanted, but one thing I do, and that is that I wanted to fall in love with that one person and marry that one person, and live happily ever after; with that one person. The one.

So that didn’t happen. It’s fine. I’m good. I’m glad it didn’t happen that way.

But while washing the dishes at the kitchen sink awhile ago, I had a sudden thought.

What if there was no one person out there, destined for you.

How many times have you thought you were in love?

And when it was over, didn’t life go on?

How do you know that someone won’t walk into your life when you don’t expect anyone to and make you realize that the world we live in is infinite. That there’s no such thing as a stop.

That you don’t fall in love with one person and love that person for the rest of your life.

What if you keep on falling in love with people? With things, with thoughts, with words and with possibilities?

What if what you fall in love with was not the person itself, but life. The life within that person.

I watched a horror movie sometime after a breakup and it wasn’t a horror movie at all. It was called The Last Kiss (2006) and it falls under the romantic comedy genre for some reason. Which I think is wrong because the movie scared the crap out of me. Don’t watch it.

What troubles me is the thought that if there really was no One, what that would mean. Would that mean that you can never get comfortable? Never settle down? How can you commit to someone for the rest of your life if you don’t know what it would bring you in future?

Sure it’s a decision to commit to someone for the rest of your life but how can you do it knowing that life is going to continue to happen to you.

The scary part is that you don’t see any of this when you’re in a relationship. I never did.

One, Two: (Give them the boot) Buckle my shoe

Three, Four: (Your hearts been broken) Shut the door

Five, Six: Pick up (the pieces of your life) sticks

Seven, Eight: (Try to) Lay them straight

Nine, Ten: A big fat hen (followed by a beautiful wedding, and happily every after)


Sometimes I wish I wasn’t so sober.

The Silver Lining

Posted: October 19, 2010 in Uncategorized
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I’m reading Napoleon Hill these days…  He’s awesome I tell you. I get inspired to such an extent that my eyes get all watery at certain climatic sentences. It’s pathetic. And since I’m feeling all numb and blank these days every little utterance of inspiration seems extra awe-inspiring to me. It says somewhere in the book that every adversity brings with it the seed of an equivalent advantage. So these days I’m always looking out for the silver lining in everything that isn’t just right in my life. And I tend not to takes things too much to heart as well. We brought a wheel chair home recently for my dad who had a bit of an accident at home and dog-a-doodle (who loves car rides more than anything in the world)  took an immediate liking to it. Got on and insisted on being given a ride around the hall as well. There’s something about the untainted joy and love of and for a dog that makes you forget that, well forget everything that’s not right in the world. A dog is happiness, and if you have one in the house, that in itself provides something to be happy about when all else is crumbling around you. Your love for your dog helps maintain your sanity and gives you at least one thing that’s stable in your life to be happy about. What does dog-a-doodle have to do with the silver lining in all that’s gray? Well nothing really, but she’s certainly something positive in my life that does not waver. And she makes everything else ok and survivable.