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Sometimes and Other times

Posted: October 4, 2010 in Uncategorized
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Sometimes there’s just so much that I can take. Really. Isn’t that the same with everybody? What makes people think that I’m any different? *Tap, tap, tap* I can’t make everyone happy all the time. I am not a professional full-time counsellor. I am not a toll-free favour-machine. Sometimes I would like to be left alone. Sometimes I need to be irritated or depressed or mad or sad without being immediately consoled out of it. Sometimes people just need to go away and leave me alone so that I can miss them. Sometimes I need to get angry and feel what it’s like to be angry. Sometimes it feels like a crime to be angry. Other people do it, all the time, why can’t I, just once in a blue moon? It may not make sense and it may not have a reason but so what? Do I have to have a valid reason for being angry? Is that the way it works, people in the world? I don’t know. Maybe I’m doing it wrong. *Turns to dog-a-doodle and emits angry growl – Aaargh!!!*  *Dog-a-doodle stares back*

*Sigh* I guess I should go apologise to the poor unsuspecting person who got a gust of my irritation and never knew what hit him and is probably still reeling. *Contemplates and fantasizes about opening flap of commode, slipping phone in, pressing the flush button and checking if it gets sucked in the way all other crap does* Sometimes shit happens. And sometimes you can’t flush it away.

Sometimes happen during other times. Deal with it. Please.