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No I’m not about to go have mind-blowing sex. Seeing that everyone on wordpress has made up their minds to blog more frequently, and accused for not posting about the new year as well, I thought why the hell not,  and just subscribed to WP’s post-a-week challenge. I’ve been so loaded with work that I didn’t even have time to make new year resolutions. Not that I believe in them but it’s just one of those things that people and myself (if I remember to) like to do.

As this is my first post for the year I wish to say something inspirational and mind-blowing (like the sex that I am not about to have). *Thinks desperately*  Mmm… How about doing the things you always meant to do, being at least a tad bit nicer than you already are (if you’re not an angel like myself you should do a whole lot better than that), being kind to animals (coz only then will you learn true compassion), and anything else that is important to you. Try not to forget that people have their own problems and that you shouldn’t go adding yourself to that list as well.

That’s about it I guess… Not very inspirational? Ya I noticed that too… Oh well, at least I posted…  Happy new year everyone… ! Have an awesome one! 🙂