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Today I set myself free for the first time. Let myself be swept away off my keyboard and into nothingness; another place where my being hovers, facing eternal infinity. The colours that sweep on before me are those of sunset and passion. Purple lurks. The air I breathe is uncontaminated by the life of the world. It’s a quiet here. But far in the distance, there is consciousness; always present, hovering. I am here.

What if in this endless void, there grew a flower. Just one.

Suddenly, there is presence in this place where I am. All of eternity focuses on this one lone flower that I thought to be. What if there was a tree. An apple tree. Growing in the middle of eternity. Life. A woman walks towards the tree, naked, her hair long. She reaches for an apple. Man walks to her and touches her softly. She shivers. A snake coils along a branch of the tree, watching.

Wherever there is purity, evil manifests. There can be no peace. Evil perceives and persists. Pervades. There is but one law. The choice of resistance. But temptation is seductive. Oh so seductive. It caresses you to a heightened state. Touches you so deep and fully as you let it in. And everything else becomes nothing and you are governed by desire alone; a maddening pleasure pain that writhes for fulfillment. You go on. You forget. You want just one thing. Fulfillment. And you arch your body closer and let the pleasure hit you, wash over you; blinding you, fulfilling you. You peak. And lie satiated.


But the memory of bittersweet want remains. Pervades. Reminding you. A tickling memory of the pleasure of yearning.

Purple. It persists. Pervades.

Ok so while being extremely busy with work and running on a really tight deadline, I felt that I should indulge myself and dedicate a whole blog-post to my new obsession. If you’re reading this please be warned that the content is nothing but pathetic. Yes now would be a good time to stop reading and go read something else.

Still here? Ok so his name is Damon (I’m going to go with his screen name coz in real life he’s just a beautiful – yes i said beautiful (he’s beautiful ok!) – person, and not a bad-boy blood sucker). Damon Salvatore. Yes yes the one from Vampire Diaries (considered by most to be the next pathetic thing to hit the TVs after Twilight, but never mind that).

Damon *wistful sigh*. What makes him so grrr *makes cat scraping air with claws noise* is not the fact that he is drop-dead gorgeous. It’s the fact that he’s  the bad guy in the series and he does it all for love. Sadly, he once loved his centuries-ago mistress, a beautiful vampiress who did not even care for him and was totally playing the field. And now he’s got a soft-spot for and is in love with his brother’s new girlfriend who looks exactly like her.

In my defense, I am not wasting precious time (which I should be spending on my office work) blogging about Damon because he is the hottest thing that happened since the asteroid that hit earth and destroyed the dinosaurs. Really. It’s because I’m a sucker for romance and it pulls at my pathetic heart-strings when I see the poor guy so tortured. Wait, maybe I’m a sadist who’s attracted to tortured males *wonders about previous relationships and starts worrying*.

Well whatever, he’s different from all the other guys. Which, as you know, is something that you can’t say about most guys out there. He’s got amazing eyes, his hotness is immortal, he heals on his own and although he sleeps with a lot of women he comes across in the series (hey he can’t be celibate for centuries right?) he is obsessed with reuniting with the one he loves. And the black leather jackets really suits him, although he doesn’t look all that bad minus his shirt (Season 1, episode 15 if you want a peek).

Ok, I just decided that I shouldn’t be doing this. It’s embarrassing. I’m going to do the smart thing and stop. Enough pathetic-ism for today I think. I’m not going to do this again. Oh here’s a picture if you need drool-material.