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I’ve got the hots for Blake. I don’t know if there’s a word for people like me but if there was, that word refers to me. The type that suddenly develops a devotion to something when the rest of the world has already been there and done that. Like cricket.

During that time when Saddam Hussein was the ‘in thing’, a bunch of friends were having a conversation about the subject and upon seeing my obvious obliviousness to the whole thing one of them asked to make sure I knew who Saddam Hussein was. I tentatively asked if he was a cricketer. Yes, I never lived that one down.

So I don’t always know what’s happening out there in the world and no I had absolutely no interest in cricket. I just didn’t see anything fascinating about watching a bunch of guys playing bat and ball. No, don’t psychoanalyze that. And suddenly, it happened…

I developed a liking for cricket. Just a couple of weeks back actually. I blame it on my Exs for it not happening sooner. They were lousy at explaining the game and answering the type of retarded questions that would only come from someone who at some point in life thought that Saddam Hussein was a cricketer. It’s a good thing I don’t hold grudges, sometimes. Anyway, my mother taught me, it didn’t take her long, she was pretty awesome. She knows the game. No, don’t analyze that either. Anyway, now I’m a fan. That’s short for fanatic. It took a while, but finally it happened.

Then there’s Blake. Dear Blake. Unbelievable Blake. Bloody Brilliant Blake. I think my teachers first tried to tell me about Blake when I was around six. It didn’t work. I was not too impressed. They kept trying, throughout school, and throughout university, but apart from a mild interest now and then, I was not convinced. There were no sparks. And suddenly, it happened. Two days ago actually. I have a paper on romantic poetry on Monday so I was forced to find out what my course content was and start doing some reading. And I fell uncontrollably and irrevocably in love. Blake, is brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. I think the term G-spot should be changed to B-spot as a tribute to Blake. Yes, I know how that sounds and yes I realize it might conjure disturbing images, but it just had to be said. There is something about the way his words splash around in music; somersaulting and diving in, surfacing, bobbing. And the dear man used to scrawl pictures and decorative borders around his writing and add colour to them himself. And he had a thing for illustrating the Book of Revelations too if I remember right. Isn’t that intriguing? Too bad he didn’t have kids. I would have devoted the rest of my life to tracing his bloodline, and marrying the first descendant I came across. And they thought he was mad! Imagine that!

*Makes a conscious effort to calm down* I shall now contain myself and share just one line from the infamous poem in which he muses about the creation of the tiger, which for some reason fascinates me. Here it is.

Did he who made the Lamb make thee?