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Posted: July 14, 2011 in Uncategorized
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So I haven’t blogged in awhile. That means that I haven’t been in a mood nasty enough for me to type out my fury on wordpress and flaunt it for my little circle of blogging buddies to see and comment on. And looks like everyone else has been quiet as well for the past couple of months. What is it about June and July that makes everyone either super busy or super disconnected with the world? I for one was just a little bit busy with university and a stray pup rehoming project on facebook and was just not inspired or bugged enough to blog. Wonder what everyone else has been up to. I actually miss them!

Sy! What up!!! Wait don’t answer that… One must be careful about what one says to you… How have you been? 🙂 *Carefully inspects sentence for innuendos, finding none visible to the naked eye, lets it be* Stalked your blog yesterday and loved the ipad joke! Yes, I shared it with a link to your blog 🙂 All good with you I hope?

Cow! How art thou? Yes, the one who keeps accusing ME of not blogging and very recently called Me a blog widow (no, I have not forgotten). You madam, have not blogged since May, since your dramatic return. Where you at!!

Minimalist! You were stalked, and you haven’t been around since March!! *Worries that you’d have thrown away your computer along with everything else in the house in a minimalizing fit, IF you haven’t already gotten rid of the house by now as well.* Do you still have a computer???? *Worries*

Hope you guys are good… Just wanted to say Hi and long time no see…